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Serra da Estrela Cheese with Bread Slices and glass of Wine on a Table

Welcome to Serra da Estrela World


     Serra da Estrela Cheese is the oldest and most famous Portuguese Cheese. We; The Serra da Estrela World bring those cheese in to the UK market.

     The production of cheese follows very rigorous rules. It is made from sheep's milk. Mostly during the months of November to March. Its maturation period has specific norms and must last thirty days at least. The texture of the paste varies depending on its age. From a very soft semi-liquid when young to a soft but sliceable solid when older.

     This ancient handmade cheese is perfect for all types of meals, especially as a dessert with maize, wheat bread, marmalade and some wine. Once the cheese is cut the soft inside quickly spreads out of its skin and you can feel the intense aroma and the unique flavor of this cheese.

     The cheese is well known throughout Portugal as well as around the world. Other than the Portuguese cheese, we bring Portuguese chouricos, Chocolates filled with Serra da Estrela cheese and also the most popular Portuguse jams like Chocolates and Strawberry while traveling with our van.


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" Very good food! Super nice staff! & love the classic..."

    Ana De Sousa

Our Staff

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Main chef




    If you book our services through our website, we will come to make your occasion (party, food festivals, events & weddings) and make it delicious with your expected package.     Also, you can buy some of our products from our online store, then we will deliver them safely via post and you can pay using PayPal.

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